The introduction of the WordPress education vertical opens up a number of exciting RP opportunities as well as creating some potential risks. Role play has long been a classroom staple, used for everything from teaching languages through real life scenarios to helping students prepare for college and the job market. Young people also represent a significant portion of the audience for RPGs and introducing more students to WordPress may help grow the role playing community among those who might not have otherwise discovered it. As exciting as the potential growth is, it is not without risk, particularly for “adult” role players if this new market brings more minors online. The WordPress guidelines regarding NSF and explicit content is well defined, however, there is exists a grey area of content that while safe for work may not be appropriate for children. This means role players and characters using WordPress will need to be more vigilant in screening their followers and policing their content to ensure their storylines and other materials are appropriate for their audience. In fact, since the education vertical is just opening up, this might be a good time for RPers to go through their blogs and clean them up, including removing adult material or making it accessible only to those who have a password.


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