Excellent storyline and very entertaining!

Kate and Roman's Story

Kate knelt on her hands and knees. The cold stone beneath her was a harsh welcome to the place she once knew as home.

The grey texture of the stone swam in her vision as she struggled to overcome the disorientation caused by being ported so roughly. Her amulet dangled from her neck.

Kates Amulet

The witch saw the amulet and hissed, recognizing the talisman. He leaned over and extended a hand to snatch it from Kate’s neck while she was recovering. Just as his hand was about to close on it, Kate’s hand shot out and caught him by the wrist.

“McMurtry,” she said with a raspy voice, as she manipulated the small bones in his wrist. “You still have shit for skills.”

He could only gasp in pain as Kate used her grip on him to pull herself to her feet. Once she was standing, she released his wrist with…

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