Excellent ongoing storyline for the True Blood universe. In other words…TB fanfic done right -smirks-

From the Desk of William Compton

As it turned out, not only was Alyssa understanding when it came to moving their standard date so she could attend the event with Bill, she even offered to babysit Tristan so he wouldn’t be disappointed when she didn’t show, because she knew that he loved her visiting, even if his actual interest in her only lasted for several minutes before Spongebob Squarepants, or something equally loud and attention grabbing, stole his attention.

She knew she loved her friend for a reason.

“Don’t worry about us,” she said with a cheeky smile, “I’ve got some chocolate chip ice cream with a certain big boy’s name on it!”

“Me?!” Tristan asked with wide eyes. It was his current favorite.

“Maybe. If you’re good!”

“I’ll be the bestest! Promise!”

Sarah laughed. “But I’m warning you, if I have to scrape him off the ceiling when I get home you’re spending the night…

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