One of the nice things about role playing, as compared to traditional writing, is the number of people involved. Most writers wouldn’t think of doing a poll like this and probably wouldn’t get much response. RPers OTOH think nothing of it and aren’t shy about sharing their opinions, either. So go help a creative out and vote for her Eric’s ride!


So I’m starting a new project and this new Eric needs a car but I’m indecisive and can’t decide which one of these four I like the most so I’m going to need you to vote on this for me.


1972 Chevy Nova

49 Chevy Convertible

1949 Chevy Convertible

67 Dodge Power Wagon

1967 Dodge Power Wagon


1968 Pontiac GTO


You can vote more than once but only for one car at a time. I’m going to leave this poll open until Monday March 4, 2013 so vote as many times as you’d like between now and then.

Thanks for your help!


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