Great story about how RP can change, and improve, your RL! Having just hit the 3 year mark in Twitter RP, I’m hoping this magic works for me as well. I’ve found something I love, learned a lot of skills (from managing blogs and forums to web design and graphic design) and made, I hope, a few real friends. Oh, I also started the Preternatural Post ( Now I just need to kick myself into high gear and really succeed!

Connecting: 365 SL Lives


I’ve been a lot of things in Second Life. I’ve been a neko, a model, a photographer, a store owner, a stripper, an escort, a scene kid, a club hopper, a roleplayer, and a griefer. In 6 years, I’ve been many things, but I’ve never been important.

SL has done a lot for me over the time I’ve been here, as on and off as it’s been in the past. For the first three years and a handful of months, I had no niche. I had no group, no stable friends, and no community to be a part of. I was a floater. Okay, that’s a lie. I had groups, but they aren’t ones I’m willing to acknowledge anymore. Regardless, I never had anywhere I fit in. I was always “the girlfriend”, “the sidekick”, or something even less. And while that doesn’t sound like a huge source of self esteem…

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