The Alignments and How Not To Play Them

The online RP I do these doesn’t doesn’t really have alignments but my misspent youth immersed in D&D laughed out loud at this, especially the Lawful Stupid!

The Dice Master

The alignment system in Pathfinder is pretty broad when you get to thinking about it. What makes us lawful or good can be pretty varied. Because of this, I would never imagine on telling you how to play a certain alignment, only what alignment you probably are. If you want a really good idea on what alignment your character is, take this test as if you were your character. I’ve found it to be pretty accurate.

What makes a character an alignment? Is it what he says? What he does? I find neither are quite true. It’s the intentions BEHIND your actions that define your personality and alignment. After all, if you do good things that doesn’t make you a good person. If you give money to charity to help others then that’s a good action, but if you just give money to charity to boost your standing among the rich, then…

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