Is RP the future of WordPress?

Change is in the air at WordPress, which always makes RPers nervous. In this case, however, it may be a favorable wind for role players if WordPress is indeed trying to encourage long form content as PaidContent founder Matt Mullenweg seems to be suggesting.

There are some very good reasons platforms like WordPress should support if not actively recruit role players and fanfic writers. They include:

  • Highly focused audience – let’s face it, it’s pretty easy to tell what kinds of things RPers like and target advertising accordingly even if the usual demographics like age, gender and location are taken out of the equation.
  • Passionate – role players as so passionate about what they like, especially in terms of films, books or TV shows, that they want to be part of them. More importantly they regularly and frequently share information and create buzz and trends that spread well beyond the role playing fandom.
  • Productive – RP, particularly the long form or para RP practiced on blogs, often consists of posts between 500 and 2000 words and their storylines can continue over several posts on more than one blog.
  • Multimedia producers – role players don’t just write, they also get creative with images, audio and video.
  • Creative community – it’s difficult to quantify the number of role players active on a given platform at any given time because many RPers have multiple characters and they all talk to each other and to other characters. In fact, communicating with other characters, is the primary reason they exist.
  • Predominantly female – unlike traditional video games and table top RPGs, the majority people who RP online and write fan fiction are female even if they play male characters. Few advertisers reach out to this market, so it is largely an untapped market opportunity.

Despite this, many platforms (like Facebook and Google+) discriminate against role play characters for a variety of reasons. It would be nice if WordPress didn’t follow their example. 


3 responses to “Is RP the future of WordPress?

  1. In what way do facebook and google discriminate against roleplayers? I’m just wondering as I use facebook as my main form of communication with my dnd groups

    • Both Facebook and Google consider personal profiles for role play characters a violation of their TOS. They regularly go through and delete RP character accounts. On Facebook you can create a character Page but Pages don’t function quite the same as personal profiles.

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