Hang out with vampires does have that effect -smirks- providing you survive the first encounter, of course.

From the Desk of William Compton

Prompt Table – Cantina

She hadn’t known that Shreveport had a cantina. She doesn’t know why this fact surprised her really; Mexican food had certainly taken on an increased popularity ever where, even here in the Deep South where some might consider it heresy to claim you prefer it over local fare. But still. There was a cantina, and it was decked in the finest touristy knick-knacks the owner could find.

It also had an amazing selection of tequila, some of the best in Louisiana, so the décor could be tolerated. The food was nothing to sneeze at either, the chef some hot and new up and comer who remained humble and had already gone on the record as stating that he had no desire to move to New York or Miami or Los Angeles, but that he wanted to stay put in his home town.

She didn’t normally pay…

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