WordPress vs. Tumblr

I use both tumblr and wordpress, although I admit to a fondness for WordPress, primarily because it is a content management system more than a social network although you can network on WordPress. Basically for me, it comes down to what I want to do. If I want to hang out with my friends and trade images and gifs, I go to tumblr. If I want to write something or discover thoughtful and well written content, both fiction and non-fiction, I come here. It’s the same story as having lunch at a fast food joint or a real restaurant but without the calories!

Words and Phil

Ok, so I literally have been playing with this website for a while now and I already like it way more than Tumblr. Yea, I’m new to the blog game but fuck Tumblr. I’m sorry if that’s your thing but I am annoyed by it. I feel like it’s just meant for emotional teenage girls and memes. I’m a meme fan myself, but to a limit.  I mean I guess you can say there’s a lot of that on WordPress too but definitely a difference of the amount between the two. There’s not even a “E” in Tumblr. What’s with that? I feel like this site is easier to navigate and I can do a lot more customization for my page. Other than those differences, these two sites are very similar. So my winner is WordPress for now and have no plans to ever to return to Tumblr.

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