How DC plans to evolve digital comic book storytelling (Hint: more Batman, fewer gimmicks)

Maybe it’s just me, but “taking the gaming out of video games and leaving just the story” sounds an awful lot like role play but with more limitations imposed by what the publisher wants. That’s always been the problem with “pick your own ending” type books, be they comics or traditional novels. The choices are just too limited. I find myself thinking that what I would do isn’t really any of the choices the publisher or author has presented me with. That’s probably one of the major reasons RP and fanfic survive despite the efforts of copyright holders to crack down on it. It just isn’t practical, if indeed it is even possible, for publishers to think of and create all the options fans come up with. That doesn’t mean they should stop trying, just that they should leave room for their stories to diverge from the accept and prescribed paths.


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