Fictional Blogging

Finding role players on WordPress can be tough. The Topics search in the Reader isn’t very helpful unless people tag their content as RP or role play. Even then, you have to sort through a myriad of material, much of it NSFW to find anything really worth reading. Here are four wonderful blogs on for you to start following, and four on Tumblr, in case you play there too.

If you have a role play character or storyline blog on WordPress (or anywhere for that matter) please let us know. We are always on the lookout for great stuff to read and talented people to RP with! In return, we will be happy to “pimp” your blog and content across multiple sites,blogs and characters.

Informed Ideas

Not all blogs are real.

That is, they don’t cover real events happening to real people in the real world. They are actual blogs. They’re just fictional. They cover the events in lives of fictional characters in imaginary worlds that can (but often don’t) resemble the real world.

Since today, June 15, 2013, is Free Role Play Game Day, we thought we’d take a closer look at fictional blogging (disclaimer, the author maintains multiple fiction/character blogs and has written the ebook on TBRP).

Fiction, Fictional BloggingThere are two types of fiction blogs. The first and probably the most common type, belongs to a specific character. The second type follows a particular story or plot. Both a character or a story line blog can have a single author or be a collection of works from a variety of authors. In some cases, each character might have a sub-blog with the master…

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