Getting into Mischief with Media Explorer and RP

WordPress has revealed a new way to embed social content, specifically content from Twitter and YouTube, into blogs posts. Similar to Storify, this new functionality holds a great deal of promise for social role players, especially those who like to mix their media to create more complex and engaging storylines (you know who you are!)

Red Nightmare: Comrades and Enemies

The following is an excerpt of the RP SL Red Nightmare, being performed on Twitter and elsewhere by @KyvanRus, @AppiusOcella, @MelissaHiggens and @SashaN__ among others.

Meanwhile Kyvan is on the phone with Mel who has returned the the States after a very brief visit to Russia. She calls him after an mission goes awry and they almost get into a fight. Instead he diffuses the situation by singing to her.

As Kyvan sings, Sasha takes matters into her own hands.

If you’re interested, the beginning and subsequent parts of the Red Nightmare: Comrades and Enemies can be found on Songs of Dark Dreaming, the tumblog of @KyvanRus.

This same portion of the Red Nightmare SL is on Storify created for comparison purposes.

The Moral of the story is…

WordPress is a wonderful blogging platform and content management system. It is not a social media or social networking platform and the introduction of Media Explorer doesn’t change that. What Media Explorer does is make it easier to share recent tweets and YouTube videos within a WordPress blog. Limiting the tweets to the 20 most recent tweets (something Storify also does) of the last 3 days makes it tough to use for RP purposes, since even most solos consist of more than 20 tweets let alone a night’s (or day’s) worth of RP. One advantage the WordPress Media Explorer may have is the ability to use podcasts and videos saved to the blog. Unfortunately, it’s hard to say how many RPers utilize the ability to save such content, most seem to prefer utilizing other platforms designed specifically for that kind of content and simply need a place to consolidate all the various pieces.

Right now, for role playing Storify is probably the better choice for consolidating SLs. It’s not perfect having the same most recent 20 tweet limit as Media Explorer however it allows you to import from a great many more places including tumblr, Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud as well as Twitter and YouTube.

As usual there is no perfect fit for complex multimedia RP. Media Explorer and Storify are signs that something good may be coming. We just have to make do until it gets here.

Let us know how you create major RP storylines on a blog, Twitter, tumblr or elsewhere!


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