If a picture holds a thousand words, a smile holds all the rest of them

The covers of Kim Harrison’s books have long been some of my favorites. Her books lost me after one of my favorite characters was killed off, though some of the early dilemmas Rachel faced still inform my witch characters. To a lesser extent, so do her fairies/elves (though I admit I mix those with Laurell K. Hamilton’s fae). Can’t wait for the new cover reveal. Will it be enough to tempt me back to the series? We shall see….

Where do you find inspiration for your characters? Do you prefer canon or original characters? Why?

Kim Harrison

I will admit that Rachel sharing cover space with someone (to be named tomorrow) is one of the things that makes this my favorite cover to date. The way the magic is depicted, showing Rachel taking control of it, is another. But it’s Rachel’s face that made me say “Holy Cow!” when I first saw it. You can see her confidence, and it’s not a mean, bitchy confidence that Hollywood seems to be stuck on as the only way a woman can be confident or in control in a sf/fantasy film. It’s not even an “I’ve got power” confidence. It’s a confidence that comes from knowing who she is, what she can do, and where she is in her life. The little bit of “dare you” in her eyes doesn’t hurt, either.


Like the magic, Rachel’s face has been changing on the covers over the series’ span. I grant you…

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