Count Marulo’s Estate (13) – Rosas Spinis.

A really wonderful example of WordPress RP. Will have to investigate this universe further, it’s very appealing.


Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
November 02, 2013 09:19AM
“It’s your brother. Twice now he’s tried to take advantage of me. Once, that day in the back gardens when you were shooting clay targets and just now in our rooms.

That moment, the very room went deathly still as the look on Virgo’s face was one that could not even be explained. Fury, disgust, horror, jealousy and above all betrayal. Virgo didn’t even let her finish, he quickly marched out of the room, pushing past Sally and headed down stairs, and as he did so, he was shedding his jacket. Reaching the front door, he reefed it open, and spotted his brother, standing tall like a dandy leaning against his carriage.

“You SON OF A BITCH!”The Count roared, as he started to shed his clothes, the were wolf coming to the fore. Charles face went from one…

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