Holiday Fic

‘Tis the season to exchange greetings, gifts and good cheer.

One of the ways I like to share this festive season with other role players is with Holiday fics. These are basically short stories written with another character or role player in mind. Often, but not always, they are written from the perspective of a character of mine that the recipient interacts with and may or may not include the recipient’s character(s). They can be one-on-one stories or they could include several characters. Some Holiday fics have a holiday theme. Others do not. What they all share is an intended audience of one.

Holiday fics are intended as gifts for the other person. Let’s face it, most RPers are more adept and comfortable with words therefore writing something makes sense as a gift. Holiday fics are generally one-offs meaning they are not part of an ongoing storyline although they should adhere to the history and personality of the characters involved. Think of them as a Christmas ornament on a tree, unique but still relying on the tree and the season to really make them shine.

Some role players exchange fics. Some are just written and given without any expectation of getting anything other than a thank you in return. Role players who have a number of characters may ask the intended recipients which character they would like to have write for them or they may just write for whatever character is speaking to them. Partners will usually write for partners, although some amazing fics have been written by a third character about a couple. I’ve even seen fics that cross of blend universes and fandoms when two role players are friends and the requested perspective character is not one the recipient ordinarily interacts with.

Of course, fics at the only gifts role players give or get. Nor are the necessarily the best and most desireable. RPers who are talented artists may create images as gifts. Those who enjoy making videos may create Vines or videos as gifts. All of these make amazing, wonderful gifts as well. In some cases, they may be even more appreciated because the recipients are not skilled at creating them for themselves.

Whatever gifts you are giving this year, remember the greatest gift you are giving is your time and creativity. And the greatest gift any of us receives is the friendship and joy we get from other role players and fans. Happy Holidays!

Are you creating holiday gifts for your RP friends or family this year? If so please share links in the comments below:


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