Greetings and salutations! Welcome to my RolePlayWriter WordPress blog. Here you will find information and, hopefully, inspiration to help you role play on WordPress.

I have been a role player since I was introduced to Dungeons and Dragons around 1980. Since them I have explored a variety of fantasy universes and RP platforms from table top games to video games to MMORPGs to social media RP. Currently, you can find my characters on Twitter, Tumblr, Roleplayer.me, Facebook and of course, here on WordPress. I also play RPGs through Steam. Although I haven’t counted recently, I think I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 characters, some canon, some original and not all equally active. I am part of the RP group True Blood on Twitter, as well as a very creative set of Black Dagger Brotherhood roleplayers who pre-write our storylines in chat rooms or in Google docs and then tweet them. In addition I interact with a range of independent characters on Twitter, Tumbler, Facebook and WordPress.com.

The “real me” has been a professional writer and editor for more than two decades. Much of that time has been spent as a journalist and technical writer, so most of the content you will find on RolePlayWriter will be non-fiction. My RP characters have their own blogs which is where my fiction is found. In addition to this WordPress.com blog, I also write about role play on Tumblr and report on RP for the Preternatural Post.


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