Air Tweeting

An air tweet is a tweet that doesn’t mention another user. Similar to open tweets, air tweets may or may not be part of a conversation or in response to a conversation. They are typically associated with tweetdropping or just commenting on RP storylines without actually being part of the SL.

Why do characters air tweet? There are several reasons. Some do it because they are bored and while air tweets are not guaranteed a response, the fact that they are seen by anyone, not just a mentioned individual or even your followers, the chances of getting a response are somewhat better. Others do it to be snarky or express displeasure or dislike. Because not everyone watches their timeline, and even if they do, TLs are limited to tweets from 1000 people you follow, ari tweets are often used to talk about others with plausible deniablity. As a result, air tweets can be a source of significant drama with people misunderstanding the tweets or taking them out of context. If you are going to air tweet, do so with caution and understanding that your tweet will be taken out of context by some people.

There are some practical reasons to air tweet as @PureDeviance_ points out. Sometimes there are just too many people involved in an SL to include all their mentions (@s) in a tweet. If there isn’t an active storyline, some characters utilize air tweets just as a means of goofing around with friends and followers. Air tweets tend to be casual in nature and invite anyone to respond making them great for idle chit chat.

Although air tweets can be fun and useful, they should be the exception not the rule when it comes to tweeting. A few, every once in a while are fine. Only air tweeting can get you unfollowed or blocked by many rpers who don’t like their timelines flooded by pointless chatter.


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