There are two kinds of ghosts in RP.

  1. The first is when a character (typically but not always a canon character) dies in the original work. Because time is relative online and because even canon characters can have a long history that diverges with that of the character that inspired them, the killing off of a character by the creator does not mean that all the RP characters inspired by that canon must all die. Some do. Some don’t. And some become ghosts, literally. They haunt the characters they knew in life (or undeath) but their capabilities change and they become spirits.
  2. In some cases a role player may as a trusted friend to ghost their character if needed for a scene or storyline (SL). This usually occurs when the character’s role play knows they are going to be absent but their character may (or will) be needed for the SL. When allowing someone to ghost a character, be sure that it is someone you trust and who knows the character well enough to keep the dialogue and action authentic and true to the character as it is played by the usual role player.

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