OOC (Out of Character)

Role players are not their RP characters. They don’t live in their chosen RP universe nor do their character live in the real world. That being said, however, there are times when real life intrudes into RP. That’s when you get characters speaking or acting OOC.

Not every mention of real world events is out of character. Some aspects of real  life not only can be integrated with RP, they must be, unless your character is living on a planet other than Earth or in a time so far in the past or future that today’s headlines are insignificant. OOC applies specifically to those comments or actions that a character would not ordinarily say or do. The break the RP spell and disrupt the story line. As such they should be kept to an absolute minimum. Think about it. If today’s biggest news is insignificant does anyone care what you had for breakfast if it wasn’t also what your character ate?

Although OOC comments should be avoided, there are time when they are a necessary evil. It’s nice to let everyone (fans as well as fellow RPers) know when you aren’t going to be online for a period of time. If a storm is rolling in and you may lose power or your internet connection or if the battery in your mobile device is running low, letting people know that is also a good thing. That way if your character vanishes suddenly people aren’t left waiting endlessly for a reply that might not come for hours and they can RP around you or even mod you, if you’ve given them permission to do so.

Where OOC becomes an issue and a potential problem, is when a character spends as much or more time out of character than in. If you want to share that much of your real life with your RP peers, make a RL account and do it there. Don’t use your RP character to voice your personal opinions, news or anything else that isn’t part of their character or storyline. Not only does keeping OOC comments to a minimum improve the quality of your RP, it keeps helps keep drama to a minimum. If you are always in character, you really have no reason to take the comments others make about your character personally. Those comments aren’t about YOU the person.

Do yourself, those you RP with and your fans a favor. Keep the OOC stuff to a minimum. You, and your characters, will be glad you did.


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