It may seem contradictory but in the RP universe, drama means OOC conflict. It should not be confused with IC conflict which is the driver of great SLs.

Drama is often an over-reaction to a simple misunderstanding. It is characterized by malicious gossip or backstabbing and often involves or spreads unnecessarily to other people. Drama can be very hurtful, not just to the target of the drama but also to the person stirring things up. The target can feel bullied, and indeed, it can be difficult to tell the difference between an online drama llama and a bully. Meanwhile RPers who get a reputation for drama may find others are avoiding them or unwilling to interact with their characters.

Drama is a public spectacle in most cases. As a result, those who are frequently involved in drama develop a reputation for needing attention or sympathy on an almost continuous basis. Most RP groups/families and websites say they prohibit drama or are drama-free zones. This is much easier said than done. Drama is rampant in the RP universe and virtually impossible to prevent or control.


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